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Visitor medical insurance is slightly different from regular health insurance that USA/Canada residents and people living in home country take. With the advent of jet age travel, a lot of people are traveling to foreign countries these days. Also there are thousands of people who immigrate to other countries to settle there. In these situations, for parents, friends and family to visit them, it is prudent for the hosts to ensure that the visitors health and have visitor medical insurance coverage for the duration of stay abroad. The medical insurance that the traveller has in his or her home country doesn’t provide coverage when someone falls ill in a foreign country. Visitor medical insurance fills the gap by providing medical insurance coverage outside home country of residence for the visitor.

Visitor health insurance becomes absolutely mandatory if you have to avoid those extreme costs of treatment. If you are a tourist and are not visiting anyone specifically in USA, it is even more important to have a visitor medical insurance, especially if you are planning to stay for a longer periods. The visitor medical insurance will ensure protection of your savings as expensive hospital visits can drain the same.

A visitor health insurance is a must especially when one travels to USA, Canada or to European countries. This is because the high cost associated with medical treatment. The costs incurred in countries like India is very low compared to the treatment costs in those countries also because of the sophistication and great medical facilities that are available for service.

Getting the right visitor medical insurance can be an issue in itself because the traveller is new to the visiting land. The visitor health insurance will depend on such things as who are along with the insurer and if he or she has traveled previously to USA or Canada and if so, for what duration were they present last visit. The benefits of the insurance vary from person to person depending on specific age limits. There is a separate insurance for those who are older than 75 years age.