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Visitors Health Insurance is the best available type of low cost coverage providing health insurance foreign visitors during their stay in USA or in the foreign nation they are visiting including Canada. Popular comprehensive benefit visitor medical insurance plan with best coverage for international visitors include Atlas America Insurance, Patriot America Insurance, Liaison International Insurance and Visit USA Insurance. The cheaper fixed benefit or scheduled benefit visitors health insurance include Inbound USA Insurance, Inbound Guest Insurance or the Immigrant Secure Insurance plan, but the comprehensive plans is always advised for older visitors such as parents and relatives visiting their son and/or daughter in North America.

A limited number of pre-existing condition visitor insurance plans are available for USA travelers and visitors, but remember to always read the insurance plan brochure under the schedule of benefits as many of these plans offer limited benefit coverage for pre existing conditions and also have a cut off age limit until when they offer such coverage.

Visitors medical insurance covers the insured while in a foreign country as a new immigrant or a visitor. Some insurance administrators will ask pre-certification even for out-patient treatments. It is recommended that visitors should get pre-certification before undergoing any medical treatment.  Visitors should be aware of the fact that policy deductibles in the visitors insurance plans also important as much as the premium. Deductibles are inversely related to the premiums in visitors insurance plans i.e. higher the deductible lower will be the plan premium. Visitors should thoroughly go through the deductibles even though most visitors insurance plans do not highlight them.

Visitors can easily purchase (/) visitors insurance plans on the internet with the help of a credit card. The online purchase facility is very simple on the internet and visitors can easily complete the online transaction. The coverage of visitors insurance plan begins immediately after the completion of the online transaction and visitors can stay peacefully while in the USA/Canada.