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Atlas Professional Visitors Insurance provides visitors medical insurance for professionals who make several trips per year to the United States. By purchasing this policy you know that coverage will be in place automatically for last minute business trips. Atlas Professional Insurance is administered by HCC Medical Insurance Services, formerly known as  MultiNational Underwriters, a well known leader in international travel health insurance industry.

It is recommended that all international travelers visiting the United States purchase visitors medical insurance to cover expenses associated with health care. There are many different reasons people travel abroad, from visiting family in America to conducting business. The visitors insurance policy that you select should be tailored to meet your travel needs. Corporate executives who travel internationally several times per year have unique travel needs compared to foreign travelers who are planning a once in a lifetime trip. Due to the often unexpected travel times, business men and women benefit from having a policy that caters to individuals who travel frequently.

To be eligible for Atlas Professional Visitors Insurance you must have medical insurance in your home country and be under 66 years of age. If your family accompanies you on business trips, they too will be covered. Specifically a spouse under the age of 66 as well as children who are at least 14 days old up until the age of 18 years, their coverage is included only if they too are covered by a medical insurance policy in your home country.

Individuals covered by the Atlas Professional Insurance plan have a maximum limit of one million dollars per person. Benefits are subject to the deductible and limits apply. The only benefits not subject to the deductible are lost checked luggage, natural disasters, hospital indemnity, accidental death and dismemberment, common carrier accidental death benefit. Read and review the Atlas Professional Insurance brochure for more details.